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Our Guide to Finding Quality CBD from Hemp Products

We want to share what we have learned about quality CBD from hemp products to help you understand what makes a great and effective product. It can be challenging and overwhelming to research and find a quality product. Here’s a basic guide on how to quickly identify quality CBD products.

Check Ingredients

✓ Clean, simple and organic 

✓ Free from dyes, flavors or preservatives 

✓ Full Spectrum whole plant hemp extract (hint: look for a deep amber color)

It’s All About the Hemp

✓ Disclosure of hemp origin

✓ Transparency of farming practices

✓ Organic and sustainable farming techniques

Complete disclosure of the origin of the hemp and the location of processing should be readily available. Companies with quality products will transparently disclose where the hemp is grown. Support companies with organic and sustainable growing practices within the USA to guarantee a quality product free of impurities and chemicals.

Quantity of Cannabinoids

✓ Review the quantity of CBD and other cannabinoids in the hemp product and CBD per serving

We recommend carefully evaluating the price of the CBD hemp oil product in comparison to the milligrams of CBD per bottle. The price often reflects the quantity and quality of cannabinoids. Cannabinoid profiles and concentrations should be easy to find and review. CBD is only one of the many beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp. Quality products must list the CBD quantity in addition to the beneficial cannibinoids found in the specific hemp strain being used. Consumers should carefully consider the CBD + cannibinoid content to determine product potency and efficacy. Unfortunately, many companies reduce the amount of CBD in their products to keep cost low.

Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Extract Oil

✓ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil to achieve the maximum results and benefits of CBD and many other cannabinoids.

In contrast to full spectrum oil, hemp seed oil is extracted from only the seeds of the industrial hemp plant and contains omegas but only a very small and often undetectable quantities of cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is significantly cheaper and does not contain the power packed cannabinoids that are found in whole plant hemp oil extract. We recommend choosing Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for the maximum health and wellness benefits.

Lab Test Results

✓ 3rd party lab testing should be readily available for review.

Look for testing that includes cannabinoid quantities (including CBD), heavy metal and pesticide testing. All 3rd party testing should be easy to find and correlate with a batch number on every product.

Beware of Extravagant Medical Claims

CBD is not approved by the FDA to treat, diagnose or cure any medical diseases or illnesses. Companies that promote products by promising to cure serious medical illnesses should be avoided.

We know CBD is powerful and many research studies are in process to evaluate and prove that CBD can be used medically. However, medical claims should not be made by companies until complete FDA approval with research backing.