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Massage & CBD


We all know the soothing, calming, rejuvenating feel of getting a massage. Now imagine increasing these benefits just by replacing the product that is used with one that contains CBD – cannabidiol. Topical products containing CBD have been linked to decreasing inflammation, reducing pain, and having strong antimicrobial properties. Researchers have even found that it can aid with reducing anxiety, even topically! Combining massage and CBD oil is a newly emerging technique that has been yielding incredible results.


Pain & Inflammation

Sometimes our body is in a state of chronic pain and it needs help getting out of what is called a pain-inflammation cycle. When your body is inflamed, it may signal that there is pain. Likewise, while your body is in pain, it may signal for inflammation. Inflammation is not always a bad thing but it may be hard at times to break this cycle.

How Does This Relate to Massage?

Many times massages are done to help relieve tension and/or pain. No matter the type of massage being done, blood flow is being increased to the areas to help promote healing throughout your muscles. Bringing in new blood flow to the area can help flush these inflammatory mediators and allow a kickstart to get through your inflammation cycle. Massage also helps decrease pain responses throughout the body by bringing your mind to a more relaxed mental state.


Although topical CBD research has a long way to go, this popular new derivative has been found to contain many benefits. Combining proper carrying oils or gels with CBD product can help CBD penetrate into the skin to boost your massage.

·      Reducing Pain & Inflammation – High concentrations of topical CBD has been shown to help with acute and chronic pain.

·      Antimicrobial – CBD oil has properties that can help decrease acne development and scarring when carried with proper moisturizing oils.

·      Decreasing Dryness – For skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or overall dryness, topical CBD has been shown to increase skin elasticity & hydration.

·      Improving Mental Health – Massage and CBD have both been linked to lowering stress & anxiety levels.

Adding in CBD to your massage is another great way to ensure you’re giving yourself the best care possible. Improving circulation while controlling inflammation can be a hard problem to solve. Luckily, there is promising research to show that CBD oil and massage can combine to be the balance your body may need!

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