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Acrely Farms Gold Oil

How To Use: Acrely Farms Gold Oil

Acrely Farms Gold Oil is packed full of soothing ingredients that perfectly match your skin’s natural texture. Combining these perfect oils with 500 mg of CBD, allows for decreased inflammation in the skin. Decreasing inflammation is important and especially great for those living in dry weather climates or with eczema or psoriasis. Our skin creates a natural layer of sebum containing oils that our body produces. When finding products, it is important that they mimic your natural oils to help easily penetrate into the skin.

For the Face

   Acrely Farms Gold Oil is great as a final step in your facial skincare routine. When using any facial oil, this should be the very last step. You want to layer by the molecular size and consistency of the product (shown below). We recommend using Gold Oil in the evenings after you have cleansed and applied your moisturizer.  If you enjoy using toners and serums, make sure to put those on right after your cleanser! Proper application will help ensure that the moisture is locked in to your skin. This will help products penetrate deeper for proper absorption and hydration. If you would prefer, you can always just add a few drops of Acrely Farms Gold Oil to your moisturizer!

For the Body

   If you are using Acrely Farms CBD Gold Oil on your body, feel free to apply liberally! Products have been shown to be absorbed best when applied fresh out of the shower on slightly damp skin. Remember this product is made of oils so give it a minute to soak in before throwing your clothes on. If you have a favorite body lotion, apply it before or mix them together! Have some left over on your hands? Rub the rest on the ends of your hair or massage into the scalp to stay hydrated and happy! 

How Much Should You Use?

We have found that a little goes a long way! With fast absorbing oils, Acrely Farms Gold Oil glides lightly across the skin. Just a few drops can really cover your entire face. Always start small and layer it up. Remember that it can take your skin about 2-3 weeks to get used to any skincare product.

As always, patch test somewhere on your body – especially if you are sensitive to some fragrances [our product does contain small amounts of lavender and sandalwood].

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