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CBD Relax Strawberry Gummies

For those who are not a fan of pure CBD Extract under the tongue, CBD gummies are a fun, delicious alternative. Our real strawberry CBD gummies are so good you will want to eat the whole jar, but just one single gummy will do the job! We are passionate about ingredients and responsible sourcing and want to share how our gummies are created. We can’t wait for you to try our delicious CBD gummies and integrate them into your daily wellness routine.

THE STAR OF THE SHOW – Real Strawberry!

The base of our Strawberry CBD gummies starts with a tasty base of up-cycled strawberry pulp. Our strawberry pulp is sourced from a California winery. After the fruit is mashed, boiled, and mixed, the mixture sets up for about one week allowing juices to be pulled from the fruit mix. The liquid is then poured and separated from the strained pulp and sits for the fermenting process. The leftover pulp is often used as compost, however we have found a better way to recycle strawberry pulp – CBD GUMMIES!


In order to keep our CBD gummies vegan-friendly we use pectin as our binding and thickening agent. Pectin is found in the cell walls of fruit or vegetable skins, most commonly in citrus fruits.

Instead of using typical corn-syrup for our sweetener, we have chosen to use tapioca syrup – a safer and cleaner alternative. Using tapioca syrup ensures that there has been zero exposure to pesticides and genetic modifications, while also keeping a lower calorie and carbohydrate count than typical syrups and sugars.


  • Improve Sleep Quality and Relaxation
  • Decrease Stress
  • Increase Recovery in Muscles & Joints


Simply take 1-2 CBD gummies daily or as needed. Many individuals replace their current sleep aids with this powerful supplement. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. The effects of CBD can be highly individual. To find your ideal dose, start with a lower dose and increase as necessary.

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