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Choosing A CBD Brand For Your Spa

CBD treatment in the spa industry is becoming a standard way to increase therapy benefits and boost revenue. By adding in personalized spot treatments, you can begin to distinguish your business and increase client return rate.


Finding the “best” brand to use when deciding to bring in CBD treatment can be a bit overwhelming. While the look of these products is what you may see first, it is important to dive into the brand a little bit deeper.

  • Third Party Testing – While third-party testing is the standard in the CBD industry, you can’t assume every product is being tested. Be sure to check that products have lab results showing proper levels of cannabinoids as well as levels of THC under 0.3% (the federal level – some states require 0% THC). Testing also ensures that there are no pesticides, microbials, or solvents in the products.
  • High Quality, Ethically Sourced Ingredients –  A simple way to check the quality of ingredients is to look at terms close by such as – organic, vegan, cruelty-free, etc. Although many of these terms are not regulated and “greenwashing” has begun to take over the beauty & skincare industry, you can always ask brands where they’re sourcing specific ingredients. Many times, higher quality = higher price; remember you are investing in quality while also optimizing revenue. Clients who are paying upwards of $300 for a massage will expect the quality of product to match. Make sure the brand you end up with is using higher backed carrier oils to increase the benefits of your treatments!
  • Milligrams per Ounce – When looking into topical products to use for treatments, it is important to understand the amount of CBD needed to see benefits. For an overall CBD treatment using massage oil, the levels can be lower while still creating a soothing and relaxing environment (250-500mg per ounce). Using a product with a higher concentration, generally means a thicker product such as a balm or salve. Research has shown that products containing at least 1,000mg per ounce will yield a pain-relieving result for individuals. 
  • Owner Relationships – Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of finding a brand, is creating a relationship with the brand’s owners or representatives. Working directly with the owners to help understand the process of your products can increase shipment times, follow-up rate, and benefits to your spa. Finding brands that are willing to participate in spa training, give back to the staff, and curate marketing material are all ways to help boost revenue and staff morale.

Deciding on another product to bring into your spa can sometimes feel like another daunting task. On the other hand, this can be a fun time to create new, mutually beneficial relationships with brands that you love. Having a product that meets the standards will naturally help yield revenue for your business. Lastly, making sure that the products used in the CBD treatment are available directly at your spa can help drive client loyalty & increase return rate. Remember – don’t be afraid to ask questions!