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Cousin Cannabinoids: CBD vs Delta-8

What is delta-8, and why have we been hearing so much about it? First a little background: Hemp plant What is a cannabinoid? A previous post outlines the basic terminology related to Cannabis, but briefly: Cannabis is the name of a genus of plant. This means many different species of related plant can be called…more

Can I Give My Dog CBD?

CBD is most often used to sooth the anxiety, pain, and itchiness dogs sometimes experience. We’ve seen pet products flooding the market in the past few years. As owners of a few anxious dogs, we are personally invested in the answer to the question: Is CBD safe for my dog? Here is the information we…more

CBD Usage 101: How to Get Started

So you have decided to try out CBD! We’re excited to share information we have learned about CBD usage, for those who have never tried it before. For more background information on where CBD comes from, check out our article on the plants we grow. So many choices! The first question I had when getting…more